Laying out a Single Sided Board

Outline and Some Writing

Work out how large you want the board to be and draw an outline. Here the board will have a very thick outline for connecting to earth.

Now write something in the copper layer. If you are working on the bottom layer the writing will be mirror writing. When the board is made the writing will be readable when you are looking at the copper.


Complete your layout

Select compontents, or make your own footprints. Print and check your footprints.

Layout your tracks. The red track is on the top layer and will be a link of wire. It is much better to have a few links than make your board ugly avoiding them. Zero Ohm resistors make for neat links.


Print to Paper and print to pdf

Print the bottom copper layer and holes. Check the scale it should be 1 to 1. In the picture view is looking at the copper so the writing is reading correctly.

Now print to a pdf printer driver. Unix or Mac users can print to postscript. Open the the pdf and print it is it still on scale?

If your pdf does not print to scale, the most likely reason is that your pdf viewer is not printing 1:1. You can read more here: PDF Scaling

You can now submit your board. Let us know how many you need.


Getting your jobcard

After submitting your board you will receive a jobcard in pdf format. You can print the jobcard and check the scale.

We have software that finds the holes and indicates the size by colour code. We will step and repeat your board to fill the panel.

Sample Jobcard


Getting your boards

And your boards will look like this.

Note the writing is readable when looking at the copper.