Routered Outlines and Cutouts

On this page you will learn how to submit a pcb with routered outlines and cutouts. All you need to do is draw the outlines in your pcb layout software and submit a pdf file. Our software will do the rest.


A Board with outline.

The picture shows a board with outline. It has some writing on it, so we know that this is a top layer only board, viewed from the top.

We can see that the round border needs to be routered and the eyes and smile need to be cut out.


Router path with sprues.

The green lines show the router path as calculated by our software. There are a few things which we can see here:

The grey rectangles on the outside have been put in as sprues so that the board is still connected to the panel during the rest of the manufacturing process.

The smile is not routered right into the corners. This is because we use a 1.6mm cutter which cannot get into this part of the cutout. The narrowest slot we can router is 2mm. Corners of square cutouts will have a 0.8mm radius.

The router path is right on the edge of the black. If you have drawn a line and expect to have your board routered to the centre of the line you will be dissappointed. You can make the line 0.1 mm thick and your board will be ever so slightly bigger by 0.05 mm on each edge.

Here is the jobcard: Sample Routered Jobcard .


Here is the board all dusty while being routered and then after scrubbing clean. It is ready to have the tracks etched.