Etched Aluminium Panels and Plates

Etched Panel.

The picture on the right is a large aluminium panel, black filled, and brushed.

The largest panel is A3 with a useable area of: 370 mm by 270 mm.
Also available is A4 with a useable area of: 170 mm by 270 mm.

Etching offers advantages over machine engraving:

  • Only a pdf of your design is needed.
  • High detail can be achieved.
  • Logos and graphics can be etched.


Etch and Fill Pricing:

Photoplot Tooling: R280
A4 Panel - Usable area 170mm x 270mm : R990
A3 Panel - Usable area 370mm x 270mm : R2280
Example: 3 A4 Panels = R280 + 3 x R980 = R3220


Small Plates.

Smaller plates are repeated on a panel and then cut apart on a guillotine.

These plates always look better without an outline. You can put an outline in your design and we will replace it with small dots in the corners for cutting guides.

We recommend you use a Sans-Seriff font for small lettering. If you do so you can use a font as small as 10 points. If you use a bigger font we can etch deeper. The maximum depth of the etch is limited by the finest detail on your plate.

A good design practice is to use the same font throughout and not to vary the size of the font too much.


Up Close

Here are some closeup photos. On the left is the panel after etching and on the right after filling.

The depth of etch is limited by the fine detail of the swirls. Less detail would allow a slightly deeper etch.


Routered and Etched Aluminium

Aluminium panels can be routered before etching. This is good for face plate cutouts, or plates which require rounded corners.

A 0.05mm thick line should be used to draw cutouts and outlines as explained half way through this page: Routered Parts

Mounting holes can be drilled up to 3mm. Include a fine outline of the holes in your pdf.

Machining Pricing:
A4 Drilling: R170
A4 Routering: R470
A3 Routering: R920

0.9 mm thick Aluminium
1.5 mm thick Aluminium